The Westside congregation is a group of Christians who are dedicated to serving God and glorifying Jesus Christ, loving and edifying one another, spreading the good news of the Gospel and, ministering to those in need. We are striving to remain part of the original church Christ came to earth to establish–the church you read about in the New Testament.

The Westside church building was built during the summer and fall of 1981. The congregation started meeting in the present location in November, 1981. On January 1, 1982, the new building suffered a major fire and the congregation was forced to temporarily use the Tennessee Academy gymnasium, which is now the Haywood Junior High School located in Brownsville. During the first months of 1982 the building was repaired and an additional class room wing was added.

In July of 2002 the Brownsville Church of Christ congregation merged with the Westside congregation. It was a glorious occasion for the Lord’s church.

A typical Sunday morning worship service will have about 60 to 70 people present. We may be small as compared to many religious organizations, but we know each other and demonstrate our love one to another. We enjoy a family atmosphere, and for good reason-we are the family of God!